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dmhg_recs's Journal

Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger Reccing Community
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Premium Draco/Hermione recs. ONLY the best.
We got tired of constantly searching for good D/Hr fic. And I mean constantly, it was a day-by-day slog through the Pit trying, and usually failing, to find something of good value to read. And of good value, we mean good characterization, near-perfect spelling and grammar, no "'Mione," thoughtful plots and that certain extra something that made you say "AH HA, FINALLY!" We didn't have a lot of luck, and all we wished was somewhere that we could go where there were always top-noch recs, where we knew we would enjoy everything there was to read and that we wouldn't be surprised halfway though by Draco in sparkly leather pants or Hermione with perfectly sleek curls and a bitchy attitude. We wanted CANON in our AU, and damned if we didn't think we deserved it.

And we think you deserve it too. You deserve to know why you should read the story, why you should spend hours of your life reading about fictional characters. We think it should be because they draw you in, they make you laugh, they make you think, they make you cry...they might even make you need a cold shower afterwards.

We promise that every story recced here will be of the best quality we can find. Please feel free to PM us at adeluxe or val2221 if YOU have anything you want us to read over, or if you have any qualms about what's been posted here.

But please, read the warnings, read the ratings, don't be stupid and read something you're not legally allowed to. And speaking of legality, we do not claim to have written any of the stories on the page unless it says we have. And we do not intend to infringe upon the copyright held by the lovely JKR or Warner Brothers. We're just here for the ride.

So read, comment, and send us your recs or your stories. We won't promise we'll put them up, but we love to read D/Hr as much as anyone. Enjoy!